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    We are getting baby chicks in a couple of weeks and are making the plans for our backyard coop and run. I have read countless articles, discussion boards, etc. on bedding/flooring options. We are planning to have a covered run attached to the coop, and then have another fenced in grassy area with hardware cloth covering attached to the covered run. I don't think that we will be able to free range at all due to lots of neighborhood animals that roam around, so I want both a covered and uncovered space for them. In the covered run I was planning on doing a cement paver flooring with a good thick layer of pine shaving, but after doing some research I'm worried that drainage may be a problem. Also, after thinking about the grassy run I realized that they will eventually pick away all the grass and we will be left with just dirt that will get very muddy and gross. What have your experiences been with different bedding/flooring? Any suggestions for us would be great! I'm new to chickens and there is so much information that I'm afraid we will make the wrong decision.
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    After they have scratched out all the grass down to bare dirt, throw grass clippings or dead leaves in the run. During the summer is mow the grass then rake it all up to put in the run. There are usually a few crickets thrown in by accident and the chickens love that. In the fall I rake up all the leaves and put them in. As everything composts down it makes new dirt and to keep the level up too.
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    Welcome! Make sure to fix drainage issues first! Then use shavings (bagged for horse bedding), grass clippings (no herbicides!!!), leaves, whatever. Fun for the birds, and nice compost. Make everything as large as possible, because 'chicken math' happens, unless you have zoning restrictions. Observe zoning restrictions, better than doing it over! Mary

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