Covered Run?? THANK YOU BYC'ers!

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  1. rebecky1305

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    Aug 19, 2009
    Lansing, MI
    The other night while I was out doing yard work, I heard a loud noise against the chain link of my chicken run. Thinking one of my dogs was being naughty, I turned to yell at him [​IMG] , when I realized a hawk had struck the top of the run trying to get the chickens. [​IMG] Boy am I ever glad I have the top of the run fenced, and didn't have to learn the hard way. [​IMG] And I live in the CITY! I am so thankful for all the advice I learned here on BYC!!! [​IMG]
  2. Chicken Chat

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    Jul 19, 2009
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    Close call! Glad your chickens are ok. [​IMG]
  3. gryeyes

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    Woo hooo~!

    More hawks should have that wire impression stamped into their beaks.

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