Covering a large run


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Feb 28, 2018
I have a divided yard, as mentioned above. It works well.

My flock's run is a large dog kennel that we widened to make it about 10' x 20'. Its covered with welded wire with a tarp over it. It's supported with a handful of 1 x 6s across the top and held up by 4 x 4s attached vertically to pier blocks. It works great. We replace the tarp every year or so, but it holds up just fine to the small amount of snow we get (no more than 6 - 9 inches or so at a time).

The chicken yard is about 500 sq ft (I think). It is surrounded with electric poultry netting. Over that is the heavy duty bird netting. It doesn't interfere with the electric fencing because it's nylon.

The electric netting keeps out ground predators. The bird netting keeps out the aerial predators. The roof keeps out everything and keeps the run dry. I'm very happy with it - so happy that I plan to do an even bigger divided area very soon (the same kennel run, but a fenced yard that is about 1000 sq ft).I

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