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Mar 20, 2012
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My Coop
We have decided to build hoops for our raised bed gardens to keep the chickens out. Has anyone done this and have pictures? I would love to see what people have done that works.


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Mar 9, 2014
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I don't have a pic but to keep them out of the strawberry patch I used pvc, rebar (2 foot long pieces) and bird netting.
I shoved the rebar in the ground one foot, ran the pvc on to it and arched it to the chain link. Then I covered the whole thing with bird netting held on with black zip ties. To get into it I simply slide the netting up and then down when done. Works like a champ to keep the starlings out too. Just make sure you leave no gap whatsoever or they will find it.

I will try to remember to get a pic tomorrow if this blasted rain will stop long enough.

I found this when looking for greenhouse plans and think it is cool looking and could be functional for a cover in summer and cold frame in winter.
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