Covering Wire on Run With Trim Board?


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Mar 27, 2014
Berthoud, CO
I live in an area with TONS of predators, my understanding is that the run will be more secure if the wire is on the outside of the posts. I have read several posts about people putting hardware wire on the outside of the posts for the run and then covering it with trim board to make it look more finished. Wondering if anyone has a picture of this? I am having a difficult time imagining what this would look like. Or does anyone have any ideas on how to make wire on the outside more aesthetically pleasing? Thanks!
First of all,
It's great to help someone out with their first post so I just went out and took these pictures. It's probably not exactly what you're asking for, but it's what I did to keep predators from pulling the wire off. When I built the coop I first attached the wire to the coop with 3/4" staples. Then everywhere the edge of wire met wood, I screwed in 1" X 2" board, covering the staples and making it much more difficult to pull the wire out. I don't know if this improved the aesthetics on my coop, but it might if you had better carpentry skills than I. On the west exposure (right side in the first pic) I have shade cloth over the wire so both are sandwiched between the coop and the trim board. Check out "My Coop" page just under my avatar for other ideas for predator proofing. I would especially recommend an apron to prevent diggers.

Here's the back gate to my run:

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Thank you so much for the pictures, I really appreciate it- I am such a visual learner! This is exactly what I was looking for too! It looks much more finished with the trim boards. We are definitely planning to apron our wire, as we have many diggers around, according to the neighbors. Your coop is admirable and looks very well constructed, thank you for sharing! We are planning to do grape vines as well, hope ours turn out as beautifully as yours!

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