Coyote stalking the goats, luckily hubby is a good shot (photo)

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9 Years
Jul 19, 2010
SW Montana
I looked out the window a few days ago and thought, man that fawn looks funny because it was right where a doe and fawns usually bed down. Then it occurred to me it was a coyote and it was drooling over our goat Toula who was staked about 150 yds away and totally oblivious. DH got my 30-06 and needless to say the gun won. Normally I wouldn't have worried so much about the goats if they were in their pen, but being staked is a different story, it could have ended very badly for the goat, or the chickens for that matter. We haven't seen any more thankfully so my guess is she was traveling through.
looks like a 2 year old "pup" leaving the "nest. Good shot the pups get out and start hunting on their own and start to establishing their own territory about this time each year
Woohoo! Good shootin! I tell ya its the young ones and the old ones that are the worst chicken getters in my opinion...Good thing your hubby got her before she became a bad nuisance.
Yes she was very young. But not scared of us at all! We never had coyotes down here, then the last few years they have been around the place a lot, especially during calving season. The hay is now cut in the draw out back so hopefully that will help with less hiding spots.
Especially in the summer months are coyotes are typically very red, I am sure it is due to location, they have adapted to blend in.

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