Cracked egg... Chick moving inside... Help?


5 Years
Sep 19, 2014
Its just been a bad summer
First, our first nest was abandoned, I saved one chick, whose growing really well, but the rest of the eggs were... eaten by the chickens.

Now, one egg was away from the second nest, and it was cracked, bad. There's blood, and some of the liquid leaked out. The baby is still moving inside, its got feathers, but still, at least a week from hatching. Its a gaping hole, I'm thinking the chickens started cracking it open...

I'll upload pictures... I don't think I'll be able to save this one... But would a tape work? I don't have an incubator either, so the egg is on a heating pad, covered with a hand towel...
I would try to tape it, but you need to watch it real closely because if it makes it to hatch date, it may not be able to hatch out. Maybe need assistance.

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