cracked eggs


12 Years
May 21, 2009
Valparaiso, IN
Is it permissible to set eggs with small cracks in them, (not leaking) I received some eggs today thru the mail. Two had small cracks but did not see any leaking from them. Did not put them in the incubator yet just in case. Thank you.


Chapel Farms
11 Years
Sep 13, 2008
Jemison, AL
I toss them. My prediction would be that they would begin leaking...and smell!! If they got shook around that much in transport the air cell is most likely lose. But, you COULD try it. I think I remember someone on BYC that put melted wax on the crack!

I saw something last week that made me fall to the floor with a cracked egg.... I had a white Silkie egg that I had been watching really close, I had just candled it and saw everything was looking good the night before. The little egg fell onto the floor and the other Silkies actually knocked it outside the coop. When my hubby noticed it, was not even warm. But our outside temps during the day was low 90s. Soooo, I picked that egg up and it had 2 spiderweb looking cracks, hit pretty hard. I put it back under the hen without candling and I be darn if that little egg didn't hatch me a perfect little white Silkie chick about 5 days later!!!

Soooo, I've come to the conclusion after this week that sometimes you just watch them super close and give it a try. And, I just love suprises.


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