cracked/split beak and blood above

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    Hi - I have 4 chicks, not sure on age but I'm guessing about 10 weeks, I think I have 2 hens and 2 roosters as the boys are already showing signs of fighting and square-ing up to each other! 1 girl is smaller (the other hen is a similar size to the boys but isn't interested in their sparring which is why I think shes a she!) and she is the one with the cracked beak that I noticed this pm when I let them out for a run. She hung back in the coupe and didn't rush out with the others. I separated her to monitor her eating and drinking. There is also a scab above her beak at the bottom of her comb, do you think she is being bullied as she is smaller or can this happen?

    Sorry for such a long story!!!!

    Hannah :)
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    Do you think you would be able to post a pic of her ? Depending on how far up the crack is it can potentially heal well and can be fixed. Is she eating and drinking ?Try soft food, boiled rice scrambled eggs etc

    I think its right to separate her until you're sure she is feeding ok and can hold er own. As for bullying - it's hard to say without sitting with them for a good length of time but I would think she will have sustained a fairly hard impact to crack her beak bless her.

    Good luck xx
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    I've taken photos with my phone but not sure how to get them to here![​IMG] I'll keep her separate for a couple of days and see how she goes, Thanks :)
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    Perhaps give homeopathic Arnica for shock and bleeding. Also there are alot of nerve endings there so she might be in pain.
    Minor beak injuries may heal well after they have been cleaned. Large or deep beak wounds can be cleaned and patched with acrylic. The patch not only protects the wound from infection but also adds stability.

    Hope she does well xx

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