Crafts for wee ones. Any ideas?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by Chickenmaven, Dec 7, 2009.

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    Feb 6, 2009
    Our 4-H group will be doing a project for our local domestic violence shelter. We will bring supplies for the kids to create a holiday gift for their moms. It turns out we will have many very small children - mostly ages 2yrs. to 6 yrs. We will have about an hour to 90 minutes to create these gifts. My co-leader has suggested a decoupaged tile. I think this sounds like ALOT of trouble. Messy. We need something that can be done & wrapped quickly. We do have access to a portable photography unit, so we could print photos of the kids. I though perhaps the kids could decorate a cardboard photo frame. Other than those two ideas, we are tapped out.

    Any ideas, crafty people?
  2. Queen Scoot

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    May 27, 2008
    How about a popsicle stick photo frame with their photo in it? you could have the kids decorate the popsicile sticks,glitter,colored.painted ey=tc....
  3. LarryPQ

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    Jul 17, 2009
    Go buy a ream of thick cardstock, brushes, and a bunch of acrylic paints at Michaels or a craft store. Use coupons if you get them in the paper. Michaels takes competitor coupons.

    Have them paint, finger paint, stamp, glue, and glitter the crud out of as many paintings as they want. You can probably find a bunch of stuff laying around the hosue for decorations (cottonballs, ribbon, fabric squares)

    For easy clean-up: put them all in big-old-shirts. The acrylic paint will wash off, so you don't have to trash the t-shirts when the kids are done.

    EDITED: Take a blow dryer to speed up drying process.
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    i think it is wonderful what u all r doing for the mom's.[​IMG] i love when my kid's bring stuff home from shool that they make. here is some things they bring home for some more ideas. hope it helps.

    one is a rain stick, take paint sticks painted red or green with their names on the back and different colored beans glued to the front and a ribbon/tissue paper tied around them so can hang. they are cute to hang in the kitchen u can hang them on the wall for a decoration and they have a poem with them also but i can't remember what it says now.

    they do picture puzzle tree ornaments also. the teacher takes a pic of them and then they take puzzle pieces and glue them in shapes of trees or wreaths ect and paint them then their pic is glued in the middle and a ribbon attached so they hang from the tree.

    another they take soup cans(empty and clean) paint them white, buttons for eyes and paint a face, fabric for scarf and over the top pipe cleaners for ear muffs and fabric for the muff part. they can use the snowman cans for putting trinkets, pencils ect in.

    they can do decorations for the tree or magnets out of the foam sheets they sell at like walmart. just precut them and they can glue them together. then get puffy paint, glitter and glue or beads and let them decorate them after they glue em together.

    some of my kid's have brought home reindeer made from clothes pins, felt, wiggle eyes and pipecleaners.
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    Feb 6, 2009
    Great ideas! [​IMG]

    Keep 'em coming, please. [​IMG]
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    If you can find old fashioned clothes pins you can have them make broaches for their moms. Glue a safety pen to the back of the clothes pin and then make them into reindeers with pipe cleaners and google eyes and small pom-poms.

    Foam sheets make great frames and if you have a shape punch you can make your own shapes... they sell foam shapes at craft stores. My 6 y/o loves to create things with foam shapes... you never know what she'll come up with...

    You can also get construction paper and a white crayon let them draw on the construction paper with the crayon then do watered down paint over the top and it will bring out the crayon on the sheet

    I'd have that hair dryer to speed drying...

    If you have access to toliet paper rolls there are endless things to do with them from making noise makers by filling them with beans/rice and putting plastic wrap on one end and construction paper on the other...

    Paper plates can be frames or you can do hand prints w/paint.

    We did paper plates and filled them with plaster paris and let them do hand impressions... these take a bit to dry....

    If you have t-shirts you could also do hand / feet prints all over them

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