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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Johnson5326, Nov 22, 2012.

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    Mar 22, 2012
    So, I've been a bit disappointed the last few weeks. One of my male ducks was eaten (slightly) by an owl and my females have stopped laying all together for over a week now. [​IMG] I have put so much time and effort into raising these little guys.

    Then today it came to me. [​IMG] I make about 30-50 ornaments every year with my son that we customize for everyone that gets them. I can post pics when I take them after they dry. But these are copy and pasted from the internet. Anyway, I picked up about 25 feathers and brought them inside. My best friend is pregnant with her 1st baby. I painted this ornament design except the girl has on red with red buttons and brown hair sticking out. On the back I painted "Expecting a Miracle 2012". I also attached a red, green, and gold ribbon to the top. She's due in June.


    Then I saw this second ornament. My son (who is 6 by the way) said he still wanted to paint. So we did that. Each ornament is different. We let the paint kinda drip in using different colors then I put my thumb over the hole and shake it until the colors swirl around and blend in. So I did this where there's a little open area with no paint. That's where we'll insert the names and feathers. For the ones where space wasn't left I'll probably just paint their names on the outside.


    I also found one that has memorial sayings for lost loved ones. This one in particular touched home b/c my husband's cousins lost their mom, who was the rock of the family, and I wanted to do something special for them. While we were swirling the paint for one of them I looked and saw that there's a side profile face in it that looks like a woman with a white face and flowing pink hair. Awesome. Anyway, here are the poems/sayings:
    Angel Feathers:
    Falling, fluttering, full of grace.
    These feathers show that
    your guardian angel is nearby watching
    and keeping you safe.

    The wind wisping gently near.
    Like feathers gliding in the breeze
    are our cherished memories.

    Feathers dancing in the wind.
    Gracefully fluttering
    like a warm memory
    dances forever in our heart.

    I think I'll paint the angels here and put the feathers inside for the other memory ornaments
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    Apr 25, 2012
    So pretty! Those will be a lot of fun to make. I'm sure your husband's cousins will also really appreciate the loving words. You are very creative.
  3. Johnson5326

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    Mar 22, 2012
    Thanks. I just love to make/pick out presents for people that match their interests/personalities/personal experiences. It makes my day knowing the time and effort I put into their presents is not wasted. [​IMG] Plus, I like spending the time making things and picking them out. Its my "me" time where I get to gather my thoughts while doing something I love. Everyone should spend more time on their hobbies. We would get along much better.

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