Craigslist/Freecycle Finds?


11 Years
Feb 26, 2008
I am a big believer in reusing and recycling. Its good for the environment and my pocketbook. Lately I've started hanging around Craigslist and just can't believe all of the useful stuff that is posted there for farm use. Everyday someone posts fencing for free, barrels (for rainbarrels..etc), scrap lumber and pallets. Just today I posted a need for a backyard shed to be converted into a small goat barn. Within an hour I had an email from someone that had a metal shed that has been taken apart. They said that if I pick it up I can have it for FIVE dollars...FIVE dollars!!! I was expecting to pay a couple of hundred dollars for this. I live in a rural area, those of you in bigger places are missing the boat if you aren't taking advantage of this.

I've only recently found Freecycle, but have heard good things about it as well.

What are some of your finds from craigslist and freecycle?
Hmmm. I got a stove that was only used once. It was gas and they converted to electric.
We also got our Miss Bettie and Pokey Joe from Freecycle.

Bettie, dumped in the woods at less than 6 wks, a couple found her and posted her on FC.

Pokey, sure he came to use with demodectic mange, secondary infection in his feet, yeast infection in his ears and feet and a horrible picky gland problem but...just look at his widdle face!
I don't know how anyone could have ever given up Pokey, much less have let him get in such awful condition. I'm glad he has you now to help him recover.
The freecycle group here is so tiny I don't even look at it.
When I lived in Alaska, however, I loved it!!!! Found a wonderful piano once but didn't have room to take it...military housing.
Got some super cool vintage cookbooks once (a HUGE box full).
Well we are Pokey's 3rd and final home. His first home was at his breeders house where he was kept in a crate all the time bc of his mange. They wanted to "wait it out" and hope that it cleared up so they could breed him (which should never even have been considered) and his second home took him to the vet to clear up his mange but it didn't work and they didn't want to breed him bc of his break out...wanted to clear it up and breed him too. He was also an outside dog there. If we hadn't taken him he would have been euthanized.
He is now neutered and still has immune system problems that cause him to lose his hair but we love him, that stinky Pokey Joe
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