Craigslist is a great source - another article on the saga of my craigslist scrounging

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5 Years
Jun 18, 2014
Most of my 25 chickens were craigslist finds. Some I paid $5 for and some were free. Three young, about to start laying, pullets I paid $15 each for. I have also given away several extra roosters on Craigslist. My last group of chicks were 5 weeks old. A mix of 5 males and 4 females that I paid $10 for. They are now 8 weeks old and it is easy to tell who is what. The girls are going to soon join the older girls in my main coop. The guys are going to live in a dog run for another 6-8 weeks then they will go to the freezer.

My crowded coop has bantams and full sized girls all together but I do want to separate the bantams soon. They are getting along ok but getting too crowded.

I also have 10 rabbits. Most are meat rabbits and again everyone of them came to me through craigslist. All were free unless you count the cost of gas to get them. We bought 2 hutches for $70 and other old hutches and assorted cages have been free. Some hutches needed cleaned and new hinges put on doors. That is much cheaper than building or buying new ones and isn't too much work either. Being willing to clean or repair things can save you a lot. Other folks don't seem to like doing those things anymore. The hanging feeders have been free with the hutches and cages. We did buy the newer water bottles that open from the top for filling. Wow they are so much easier to maintain than the older bottles with a ball bearing in the water tube. A cute tiny lionshead rabbit was a gift and is a pet for now. If a 4 H kid wants her for a project animal she will be free.

So yes we eat rabbit, chicken and eggs without qualms. Meat and eggs fresh, home raised, without chemicals makes the most sense to me. A portion of their feed is grown here, some we buy and fermented spent barley from a microbrewery is a favorite treat for the chickens. The Micro brewery gives the grain away free. Just bring your own containers.

Saturday I'm going to pick up 13, 3/4 inch 4'x8' sheets of used plywood for $10 each and 5 sheets of wafferboard free along with assorted 2x4s thrown in for good measure. I'm 67 so the price includes loading for me. :)

Next week I'll start adding on to the main chicken coop, building a new one for the bantams, and making a shelter for the rabbits to winter in. A free bucket of craigslist nails will help with the project. We get below 0 here so some shelter is needed even for rabbits.

I have buckets of cheap and free paint....again from craigslist. If I paint the outside of the coops and hutches we'll have rainbow land in my backyard. :)

My home has developed a tiny roof leak. My husband is going to repair it and I'll paint the ceiling with free craigslist KILLS stain stopping paint. I have about 6 gallons of it. It cost hemming 7 pairs of pants for another senior citizen in our area. He had finished painting his home and it was left over.

Late next week I have 5 roosters to pickup form a family that sells eggs. The guys are 5 months old. Just right for feathers for family craft projects and roasters for us.

My "new" $20 pond with the free craigslist pump is beautiful. The 2 free waterlilies have been blooming and look so delicate in the water. I also have a $10 craigslist assortment of water hyacinths, water mint, and watercress enjoying the water and giving us pleasure. The mint and cress are also edible.
Wow, I am 67 also but, just don't have your spunk - I'm pooped from reading about your exploits. You are a true inspiration . I'm glad craig's list has worked so well for you.I know others that were really screwed - mainly getting sick, birds, no where close to the breeds they were supposed to be. Roosters that were alleged pullets near point of law etc.

I think it would be great if you started a thread telling people how NOT to get screwed by craig's list birds, etc.
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Sounds like you have a lot to keep you busy! I have never bought anything on craigslist. Just be careful with these sorts of finds as many times these birds have mites, lice or worms. So check them over good and get them wormed before mixing them into your flock.

Good luck with all your adventures and welcome to our flock!
All new chickens joining my place get a time alone in a pen with good food, a bit of apple cider vinegar in the water, a daily dusting of dichotomous earth, and granulated garlic in the food mixture. I figure none of that will hurt them and just might help. So far everyone is healthy.

I took in two free girls that were molting but now that their feathers are growing back they are laying almost daily. Free was worth a gamble and naked backs were nothing anyone could cover up. One $15 "pullet" did turn out to be a he....the sellers offered to trade for a hen from the same batch now that all are laying. I can't complain about that.

In the over all most of my craigslist deals have been great. One bunch of free lumber was junk! But we salvaged enough boards and corrugated roofing so the trip wasn't a loss.

I now have 25 chickens, 10 rabbits, 2 dogs, and 1 half grown cat. We lost 1 kitten last week to unknown reasons but out here in the hills the usual guess is coyotes. All of the critters except coyotes and occasional skunks came through craigslist. The kittens are hands down the easiest to care for of all the critters and both, as promised, were excellent hunters. We'll miss Tigger but enjoy Oatmeal and his sweet ways.

2 rabbits (both free) are just good pets as far as I'm concerned. A tiny lionhead female and a giant male Flemmish giant, are not what I was looking for in food rabbits but both needed homes and I'm a sucker for a hard luck story. One was a gift to a child that was too young to enjoy or care for it and the other was from a moving family that couldn't take their pets. I still may try to help them find another owner but for now they are sweet and enjoy petting and cuddling.

From where I live in the mountains a trip to town where most of the craigslist deals are listed means driving 45-60 minutes each way. I need a big deal, several deals, or I have an appointment there - to make it pay.

Mary of Elbow Grease Farm :)
Hi Two Crows.

I think fall found us for real today in my part of New Mexico. We never got above the low 50's and it was gray and damp so it felt even colder. I love something about all our seasons. Most of the time fall is so busy I don't really enjoy it the way I want to. I want time to have a bout of Spring Fever but for each season. Just do something pleasant and not hurried. I need to get outside. Today one of my grown sons and I went for a walk around the area then spent a couple of hours looking at family photos. The only things that would have made it better would have been to have a fireplace to sit in front of :)

I have gathered most of my materials in a series of piles so I can build a good horno near my little orchard. There isn't much that can compare with bread and pies from a good outdoor oven warmed with a real fire. I know the grandkids will want pizza from it, not the same oven, but close enough that it would work. I hope winter holds off long enough to get it built this year. I look forward to chili stews with fresh bread, roasted pumpkins, fruit pies, and lots of other goodies that are best from an outdoor oven.

Mary of Elbow Grease Farm :)
Welcome to BYC!

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