Crap, Poo, and Phooey


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Feb 9, 2009
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Well, that'll teach me to try and be a smarty pants. Now I'm not sure what to do. So I'm doing a staggered hatch, in one bator I set Feb 18, 19, and 20 in my hovabator. Don't yell at me, it wasn't planned, just the way it worked out (long story). So, being me, figured I could hold off just 1 more day for lockdown, putting lockdown right in the middle. The 18th set would be a day late, the 19th set would be on time, and the 20th would be a day early. Yeah right. So what happens? One of my silkies has pipped. I was going to lockdown when I got home today, and there the little sucker was, big as you please. They are even in the turner still, and humidity was only at 36%. Well CRAP. Can only get to 1 of the resevoirs with the straw, which only brought it up to 47%. Well POO. And upon inspection of the pip, the membrane looks like white parchement paper, and there is a discoloration on the lower part of it, can't tell if it's blood or fuzz, but I'm afraid it might be blood. Well PHOOEY.

So now what do I do? Do I chance opening the bator to add water to all resevoirs and bring up humidity that way? Wait and see if this one hatches, then open and add water/remove turner? AHHHHH, I'm not new at this darnit, and should know what to do. This whole hatch has been the strangest hatching experience of my life so far. I took a pic thru the window, I'll post it shortly.


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I would quickly add some warm water, a sponge or paper towel would be good. But again QUICK.
I know the cardinal rule is not to open the incubator during a hatch but since its just started, you want to have the humidity up.

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I agree you need to get the humidity up. Is there anyway you can put a hole in the side of your bator so you can put a tube through it to add water without having to open it up?
It would help a lot.

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