Crashing into hardware cloth


7 Years
May 30, 2016
Since I put the chicks out i to their coop and run a coupke of weeks ago I have seen them on a few occasions take off fluttering and crashing right into the side of the run. What on earth? Do you think they don't see it or are they just bad at maneuvering? They are 15 and 14 weeks old. Anyone else have clumsy chickens like that?
If they panic they can fly into the mesh, and if new to the space they have to learn what is there.
When I got my first flock, of mixed age birds, they crashed into the hardware cloth walls of coop more than several times before they figured it out.
Thanks! Good to know that I don't have particularly blind or clumsy birds or particularly invisible to chickens hardware cloth. I hope they learn quickly!

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