Crawfish leftovers?


9 Years
Apr 17, 2010
I made crawfish for dinner tonight and I was just wondering if I could feed all the leftovers to the chickens? Has anyone done this? I don't have a whole lot of experience with crawfish, so I don't know if it would work, but I was thinking about putting them in the food processor to break them down for the girls. Would that kill my food processor and if so, is there a better way to break them down? Thanks!
You mean shell and all?? Not sure if the shell could cause crop problems with them...
But otherwise, yes! They love seafood and fish..
Well, I guess I'm not sure. Would it be better just to give them the tails?
It would be better to just give them the meat....
The meat from the tails would be great for them!
But i'm no expert i guess you could try the shells too... it may be fine.
They'll leave the shells if they can't eat them. Give it all to them. They'll clean up everything they are capable of eating. We always feed shrimp shells and heads to the chickens and there is never a trace of them to be seen by the time they are done.
I feed crawfish to my chickens any time i can..they love it! Put it near the back of your run because after a few days of sun beating on it...they start to smell some...after the sun dries them out....start walking on them and the chickens will eat the broken up shell as well....
Remember that one of the names for crawfish is "mug bugs". I would feed them to my chickens. Good thing they're impervious to spice/capsaicin because I cook mine with all kinds of spices and stuff cuz my DH is from Louisiana and is particular about the way his crawfish are boiled and seasoned.
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I was concerned about the shell, too. I used to feed mine cooked chicken carcasses. They LOVED them and picked them clean but once my favorite chicken (my avatar) got a small bone stuck in her crop and she died quickly. Then some on BYC said that was why I shouldn't feed carcasses. I am in Louisiana and it's crayfish season. So, does anyone know that the crayfish shells won't hurt them?
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I've been feeding my chickens 3-4 crawfish each daily for the past 2 months. These are live, and they eat 100% minus the claws (I pull the claws first). No problems at all and they love them.

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