Crayola is Wiggling!!!!!

Lach Cnoc Farm

10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Western Washington
So a few weeks ago I posted about a cracked duck egg i had. it was the result of my butter fingers while turning the eggs

i ended up sealing the good sized 'spider' crack with a color crayon (only thing i had available at the time). I decided i would name the duckling Crayola, after the color crayon and someone had suggested it in the thread i posted.

I was gone for about 4 days over the weekend and no one ever turned the eggs for me (staggered hatch). i haven't checked anyone yet but my hopes werent very high after being gone over the weekend. But when i got up this morning to check the couple chicken eggs i had left in there i was more than surprised to see that Crayola was wiggling all over in his egg!!

It's just a mutt egg(FW runner/GC) but i am SO excited that hes actually going to hatch! i can't wait to see what he looks like!

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