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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Garin, May 11, 2010.

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    I've had my BBW hen and tom for a year now. The tom is starting to show his age so to speak but hen is going strong. Lately my mild mannered curious hen has taken to charging me and acting crazy. When the hen acts up, the tom makes strange noises and stomps his feet. Tom is gentle, loves me hates my hubby. Is this part of the mating ritual? How long will this last? Will she go back to being my nice hen? I also want to mention that she has not laid an egg since Feb. All her tail feathers fell out and they still haven't come back. Could this be related?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I am leary to turn my back on her. The other day, she attacked me while I was planting basil. I backed off and she ate it.
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    I do not have turkey so am not sure about your hen's behavior.

    But turkey and basil, sounds good - she is pre-seasoning herself [​IMG]
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    I am bumping this up, if you don't mind... sounds like you need some responces.
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    Turkeys include humans in there flocks, the smaller the flock the more noticeable the pecking order behavior is, and the less room they have to move up and down the order. Sometimes they feel that you are above them in the pecking order and they are trying to move up, this can explains some of there behavior.

    Also the Hens choose the Tom they want to mate with, If they don't like the Tom and there's not another around they may act strange.

    Since we deal more with smaller groups, we found that for each Tom you should have at least 3 to 4 hens minimum to keep the strange behavior down. Also that you can have one Tom or three or more Tom's but not two.

    Also they sometimes think the you have found better stuff to eat and want it, if you back away from them that means they won the challenge and will keep challenging you for the good stuff to eat.

    I would say that the Tom is challenging you Husband for a higher place on the pecking order or the Tom simply wants to mate with your husband. It depends on the sounds the Tom is making. We had one BR that was like that went to far as to try and mount my tennis shoes once and never stopped until he was butchered. It may help to have more females for him.

    The Hen is challenging you for the good food to eat. But don't let her do that, with BBW it's hard not to. Fence in your garden to keep her out. Only give treats at certain times and places. You have to face the turkey and not back away from them, standing square to them not sideways.


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