Crazy Chicken!


Apr 13, 2015
CA, always with my chickens!
Okay, i just thought of something fun. Post some of the weirdest chickens you have had. Either if they have a weird personality, has had something weird happen to the, or anything else that has to do with a chicken that was weird.

My experience isn't that crazy at all! ( see, it doesn't have to be REALLY weird). I just had a rooster that grew his feathers really early.

Have fun!
Ok...I'll bite...I have one I've been calling Big Red...I think it might be a rooster...whenever they are let out to free range Big Red stays in the coop then cries out like he doesn't know where everyone went then acts lost when everyone goes back in and wonders around crying and looking for everyone...crazy chickie!!!
:frow welcome to BYC !!

Sounds fun ! When we had some high temperatures last week , one of our CX waddled into the house and sat in front of the fan to cool off ! :eek:

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