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Jul 29, 2021
I just this spring became a duck and chicken mom. I have 11ducks and one newly hatched duckling, 17 chickens and 1handsome rooster. I'm in awe of theses crazy creatures and their wierd habits. I just want to make sure I'm doing okay in caring for them. I've had a all snake problem due mostly to free ranging my entire flock.two of my laying hens were disrupted by snakes taking over their eggs. I'm so sad because we were days away from babies. I've been told I spoil them all and am doing an ok job because they seem really happy. Now I'm hoping I can teach them to go into a coop at night the closer our first winter comes. The ducks all walk around all night. My chickens have roosted in an apricot tree at the top. I love them so much.

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Sep 18, 2018
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Aren't chickens and ducks just great? It seems to surprise a lot of people who don't realize how entertaining and personable these critters can be.

Free-ranging is great -- until it isn't. As you've already learned, predators are out there all the time, and nearly everything in the natural world wants to kill and/or eat your chickens and their eggs. My birds are free during the day -- as long as I am home so I can keep an eye out and an ear to the window. If I'm not here, they're cooped for their own safety.

Please teach them to go indoors at might ASAP. Waiting for winter could be too late. Also, you should probably have separate housing for the chickens and ducks. Chickens don't do well with extra moisture in their coops, and ducks not only love water, they love to make messes with it everywhere.

It's good to meet you; welcome to BYC where a lot of people are happy to help you along your poultry-raising journey.


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Dec 4, 2020

I’d start by putting the chickens in their coop every night. For the first few nights they may seem confused about sleeping in there, but after a few nights of putting them in there they should start to learn that it’s where they sleep. After they start heading there by themselves you can teach them how to get up and down their ramp (if you have a ramp).

I don’t know about ducks, I assume it would be fairly similar, but I could be totally wrong.

I’d try to get them to sleep indoors ASAP. As you go into autumn lots of animals will be preparing for winter by trying to catch and eat as much food as possible. If your chickens/ducks are just sitting there sleeping it will be an easy meal.

Animals are just fascinating creatures. I’m glad your enjoying having yours :)
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