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May 4, 2011
recently our lone drake has become increasingly annoying with biting and chasing. I read that right now is mating season ( I think) and I was wondering how to distinguish aggressive behavior from just a lonely boy trying to get some action from our legs/toes/arms!!! He is so annoying but I was wondering if this will subside in due time and would a female calm him down around us. We can't enjoy him anymore!
Was he hand raised ? Often hand raised drakes are aggressive towards the humans who raised him. Getting a female may help - But he may always see you as " fair game" when the hormones are raging. You can train them not to be so aggressive by displaying dominant behavior. With my drake I have had great success with turning him onto his back when he approaches- or I just pick him up and carry him with his wings tucked in firmly for safety- and with his face away from mine so he cant turn to bite me.
First I think he needs a couple of girls. Will that stop his attacking you? Probably not. I have crazy Sammy that is a fawn runner just a little over a year old. This spring he has started the sneak attacks on our calves and toes, and he has 6 girls. he has also be going at our chickens some. If he doesnt calm down he will have to be rehomed.
Yes! He was very lovingly hand raised by my daughter when she was 8. She showered with him and took him all over the house til he was deemed to big to come in anymore. She loves him but has stopped giving him attention because he is so bad with these behaviors. He even goes after our quite aggressive german shepherd who thank God knows what I mean when I say be nice! And your also right about him being rough with the chickens....he pulls at their heads til their poor eyes are little slits and won't let go til he's done with his failed attempt at mounting. I wonder if we need to rehome him too. Would a female duck hand raised be better next time? Unfortunately they don't sex them when you buy them as just hatched babies so it's a surprise as to whether you get a girl or boy.
I went thru this yesterday with Gemini. Usually when I open the gate to gointo their run the 2 boys come running and we have pets and loves and have a chat. The other day gemini ran right infront of me and I could of swore he tried to bite me. I never paid it no attention then yesterday!!!!! I saw him out the corner of my eye, he missed attacking my ankle the 1st time, got my Croc the 2nd time, 3rd time he was sat on and his face was help to the ground like males do with their females. I sat and finished my smoke while he sat and squirmed under me. Once he stopped and I finished my smoke, he got a talking to in his shell like and let go....well blow me down with a darn feather, he comes at me again. This time he got picked up, held against me, got tapped on the beak and carried round for 10 minutes, all the while poof Elliot is looking like oh wow, hes not likeing that Ill stand over here till he comes back....just you do that buddy!!!!!
Once I put Gemini down, he ran to Elliot to tell him all about it and stood and watched me from a distance.
Stoopid boy, mama's the boss round here and you will learn
I have tried all of that with Sammy he still comes at us. If you can catch him coming and turn around he will run the other way, but if he can sneak up he will and now that the waeyther is getting warmer the bites are starting to hurt. Didnt much when I wore jeans and boots out there, but shorts weather now. He is DH duck and I cant rehome him til he gives the ok.

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