crazy overcrowding of nest box


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This kitty litter bucket nest box sits on top of a row of clean, roomy EMPTY nest boxes. My husband put the bucket out when we got some bantams, thinking the small hens would prefer a smaller nest box. The bantams never even looked at it (they choose to lay in the waste paper basket.) Instead, the bucket became the favorite nest box of all the larger hens. When I first found the 4 hens in the photo packed in it at once, I thought it a one time thing - and very funny. But after finding 4 hens packed in like sardines 3 days in a row, and eggs everywhere, I took their kitty litter bucket away. Then I put an egg in each of the nest boxes I want them to use, hoping to give tthem the idea. Today the hens were once again setting in a pile - out in the open, on the surface where the litter bucket used to be. Broken eggs all around. Any suggestions how to get them into the good nest boxes?


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May 1, 2009
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Oh man! My hens would not even go in my kitty litter nest boxes. Those photos are adorable! They'd win a photo contest every time!

Thanks for the smile. I have no suggestions though. Sorry.


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Jun 4, 2014
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Well I just got back from my coop where I was met with four fuzzle-butts sitting in the same nest playing stacks-on! Who am I to tell them that there are several other, comfortable, private nest boxes available? Clearly that one, crowded, nest is "The Perfect Nest", and I doubt there is anything I could do to convince them otherwise.

It never ceases to amaze me that hens who won't roost next to each other, and who won't eat standing side by side, are quite happy to lay an egg standing up with their head pressed against the roof of the nest, surrounded by their enemies! I gave up long ago trying to understand chicken logic!

I have no advice for you. Like I said, I'm in the same overcrowded squashy nest as you are! However, I did just want to say well done on the cute pic, which demonstrates perfectly what I love about chickens so much. Stubborn little things!

- Krista

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