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    Had 12 hens in a coop together with 1 rooster.

    They lay 2 or 3 a day. Some are more ready than others I guess. They are almost 19wks

    Tue/Yesterday we attempted to add 2 (17wk) old BO's and 1 (17wk) old EE into the clan.

    Did NOT go well. After 18 hours(one evening and then overnight into the morning Wed), one chicken with a bleeding earlobe and constant fights, we removed the three around 5pm yesterday.

    But yesterday, the day that the original 12 were there with the 3 new girls...we got FIVE eggs instead of the usual 2. Coincidence?

    Today, the 12 girls coop laid the same 3 as always.

    The BO and EE were moved back to the teenager coop where I have never found an egg. Will they lay regardless? I mean I assume that they can't just hold it in because there are no nestboxes or other desirable places to lay in that coop (it's not meant for hens, just pullets)

    I want to get them back in the big coop for good this week but until I find a way to blend them, should I add a nestbox to the little coop just incase? I mean age wise they COULD have been the ones to lay yesterday. They did hide in a nestbox a lot yesterday from the hens.

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    It couldn't hurt if you have a 5 gallon bucket lying around or a plastic milk crate put it on its side with some bedding and they will use it if they are laying. I used a 5 gallon bucket in my temporary coop and just put it up against a wall and and cinder block on the other side to keep it from rolling while they were using it.

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