Creating a new breed of Duck

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Feb 25, 2018
Morrow, Ohio
I know when you are making a breed of chickens, you breed two chickens together. And then breed together the offspring that have desired traits over and over for 12 generations to stabilize the breed. Is this also true for ducks? I have probably a hair brain idea to breed a blue duck of my own design (i know theres blue ducks like blue swedish and blue runner's) . I breed a cayuga with a welsh harlequin. Let a momma welsh sit on the nest and hatched out 6 ducklings. After a weasel foiled my plans only 1 duckling survived 😢. But that one duckling turned out blue 🙌 and brown and black with a green shimmer. He's perfect! To get more like him should I breed him to a welsh or a cayuga? Or just breed a welsh and a cayuga together again and then if I get a blue female, breed her to him.
To get desired traits, breeding them to their siblings is usually what is done. Breed the Cayuga and welsh harlequin again, and breed those offspring with each other and/or to the single duckling. Your ducks are beautiful, I wish you luck in your breeding plans.
Is this also true for ducks? Yes, you absolutely can, though I would not recommend calling it a new breed. Call it a personal project of yours and you will garner some respect.

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