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  1. viragogurl

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    Sep 13, 2013
    I am in love with the Buff Orpington Rhode Island Red cross birds. I have a massive golden orange rooster that I'd like to use to father a breed of autosexing chickens. I'm hesitant to introduce barring because I'm not really a big fan. I'd like to use color or lacing instead. Ideally, the roosters would be the orange and the hens would be blue or orange laced with blue. I just don't know if it's genetically possible. Can anyone help me? I'm sorry if you saw this posted in another forum. I'm new here and didn't know how to do it.
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    Jun 18, 2010
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    sorry, but all the auto sexing breeds I know of involve barring. Lacing isn't gender linked at all, so don't think that would work. Hope someone else comes along to pitch in also!
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    Auto sexing breeds always absolutely must include barring. That's just how it works.

    Now, that said, some strains of some colors can be sexed fairly reliably at hatch by those of great experience raising that breed and color.

    Your other option of course is to just make sex links.

    Auto sexing breeds must be barred.


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