creating blue silkies

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  1. GWpoultymaster

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    Sep 8, 2012
    i have some silkies and i am wondering how i can get blue ones

    i think i have to breed a white with a black silkie to get a splash silkie and then breed te splash silkie with the black silkie or maby another splash i am not sure. can someone help me.

    also can u breed a splash with a white and get a white of will it just be a splash still. my guess it will still be a splash
    anyone know how to get other colors of silkies
  2. SonRise Silkies

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    Mar 4, 2010
    Hello, I figured someone else would answer you but since no has I will try. I know how frustrating it is to ask and have no one respond.

    First you got the genetics wrong on what you have been thinking,
    Second you need to check out some of the bigger threads all ready on here for genetic info.
    Blue is Silkies just like blue in an other bird but that's no meaning Self Blue which is also called Lavender.
    To" create" blue you must have the blue gene, it is not a mix of black and white makes blue [like in paint]
    A splash bird and a black bird will give you 100% blue.
    A blue bird and a black will give you 50/50 black and blue
    The blue mated to splash will give 50/50 blue or splash
    black to black will give 100 black and splash to splash .....100% splash
    If you can't find any more help, just yell.....also blue to blue will give all three colors 50% blue 25 % Black and 25% splash.
  3. Coopacabana

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    Jan 19, 2012
    Seattle, Washington
    There are blue silkies already, check the silkie thread for breeders.

    SonRise Silkies is right, genetics is not like paint. Black x white does not make blue. You will need the blue gene.

    This calculator is really helpful:

    I have a splash silkie rooster, he is gorgeous!
  4. tadkerson

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    Jul 19, 2008
    I agree with the others that have posted; purchase some blue silkies.


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