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    I have 2 possibly 3 crested mixed breed ducklings. Not on purpose, 1 hatched that way from free eggs I received from a neighbor who owns a white crested and the other 1 possibly 2 I did purchase but it was an emergency (2 of 3 eggs that made it to hatch died due to malposition when I wasn’t home to help so had a lone duckling, needed to find other ducklings that had been hatched same day, so a little over 24 hrs old when I got them) and I met seller in the middle as she was about 1.5-2 hours away, so had no idea they would be crested until I received them.

    I’ve seen a lot of warnings about crested ducks but so far my oldest is 4 weeks and I don’t notice any issues....what behaviors do I need to watch for? I don’t know the genders yet, though if I go by voice I believe my oldest is a male because it is the only silent non quacking one of the bunch so far, in which case I wouldn’t need to worry about crest being pulled on during mating. I see some people say seizures can happen but what are signs of that beforehand, if any? I’m not looking to breed the ducks I have as all but one (my lone hatchling) are mixed. Just want to have my ducks in a row so to speak as they grow so I can be prepared...
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    Watch for anything neurological, like stumbling, ataxia, tremors, etc. In the meantime, try not to worry, just a enjoy them.
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    My 4 week old did need extra niacin at 1 week because he didnt like to stand, he would get where he was going and sit down but he’s fine now. The youngest one (not even a week old yet) seems to be the same but I’ve been putting extra niacin in the water from the start. It’s hard to tell with him/her though because sometimes they all lay down at the food and water to eat...lazy bums lol. It definitely doesn’t stand tall like the other two ducklings he’s in with but seems fine otherwise...

    Pics are oldest (Rouen white crested mix), youngest (blue Swedish and I don’t know what mix I think she said she has Cayuga, but that face looks Rouen to me even tho she doesn’t have a Rouen:idunno)

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    They sure are precious!
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