Crested Pekin problems

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  1. Hi! My double-crested Pekin drake is not mating his girls. He is *defensive through the fence* toward other drakes, but I've never *seen* him actually mount a hen. He's coming 3 yrs old (I think) and I don't remember getting any fertile eggs from his pen last season either. His 2 girls (non-crested) have started laying again and the first dozen eggs are clear (after 7 days of incubation).
    Might he just be a dud? That would be a shame, because he's so pretty.
  2. You have a gay duck [​IMG]
    Ive never seen Tula mount a duck either. Hes stopped fighting now that William has put him in his place and has now moved on to the 7 week old drakes but they aint stoopid, they were chest pushing yesterday and William came over and ran Tula off as if to say ...hey I told you im the boss leave them alone. Sorry, this post is neither here nor there to help you with your problem
  3. Hi Nicky!
    You have a gay duck

    It's possible!
    It's all relevant.
    'Dub' is the only double-crested duck I ever hatched. I never planned to breed for crested ducks, but some popped out from my non-crested Pekin pair. I thought he was neat.

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