Crime Committed! Sentance is DEATH!


12 Years
Jul 1, 2010
Northeast Texas
I dug my sweet potatoes, after caring for them all summer.
I was so excited! I have never grown sweet potatoes before and chronicled my progress on BYC's sister site, The Easy Garden. Imagine my chagrin and disappointment when I found my beautiful sweets with HOLES on them! Yes, HOLES! Grubworms attacked my sweet potato patch and merrily chewed their way into my sweet potatoes!!

The nasty criminals were caught in the very act of destroying property, destruction of future food supplies and spoilage and gluttony. It took the garden sheriff (me) some effort and time to round up the criminals and put them in a proper jail (cool whip tub). The jury ( the dogs) reviewed the evidence and the grubworms were found guilty! The judge (me) sentenced the grubworms, all 22 of them to DEATH BY CHICKENS!! Sentence was swiftly carried out, much to the delight of the hens.

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