Crooked Combs?


8 Years
May 12, 2011
Port Perry, ON
Hello BYCers,
Two of my six chicks have developed crooked combs. One of them has a little bitty comb that looks messed up in the front (maybe as a result of others pecking her), the other one's starts off straight in the front and then makes a definite swerve to the right (if you're facing her) as it gets to the back. They are both Columbia Rock chicks, one month old.
Thanks for you help!
Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera...

Other than the crookedness, nothing else seems to be wrong with the comb, or her...except her legs and feet have started getting a bit dry. I'm gonna add some things to their diet to see if it helps (There are no mites or lice on her legs)

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