Crooked or broken toes

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5 Years
Apr 27, 2014
New Oxford, Pennsylvania
Any suggestions on helping this pullet walk normally? I think she's probably about 15 weeks. Eating, drinking, pooping normal, and doesn't appear to be in pain. Separated her as I first suspected a broken leg. It's clearly the toes/foot now.
Is her foot or leg paralyzed? She looks to be walking on her hock or elbow. Does her leg turn outward? I don't know what is wrong with her, but I would start her on poultry vitamins with minerals. Poultry Booster by Rooster Booster is a pretty good one. You might do some research on slipped tendon or leg bine deformities in poultry.
Her leg isn't paralyzed- she can move it and move her toes a bit, they just don't seem to move how she wants them to. I'll start her on vitamins and minerals tomorrow. Any thoughts on splinting her toes into correct placement?

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