crooked toes then die whats wrong with my babies


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Mar 11, 2008
My little chicken started getting crooked toes and then a few days later they die. I just got them a few weeks ago and I am just starting out. They eat and drink but are still dieing. Help before they are all gone. Thank you

they started out having straight toes
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OMG!!!!! The same thing is happening to me right now!! I just got done trying to help them an hour ago. There are two of them, they are 3 day old white silkies, I think pullets. I mixed a VERY highly concentreted mix of water, chick start, and an antibiotic. I dipped the little beaks in it and they sipped a little. I also did some ''physical therapy.'' I hope this helps. I need help too!!!!!!!!!!
i dont know how they are dying. I could not fix 2 of mine. my one girl has crooked feet and she is fine and my buff roo has a crooked foot and he is fine.
Please don't give antibiotics when you don't know if it is an infection. I doubt that it is an infection, and by giving antibiotics when there are no "bad" bacteria to kill, you are increasing the numbers of resistant ones that can take over and cause antibiotics not to work. Plus, more is not always better when it comes to drugs. There is a reason they give a dose and that is because too much will KILL. We all need some bacteria to live.

Crocked toes are often genetic or due to birds not getting their feet flat on the ground. Try to give them cardboard "shoes" to straighten out toes.

We need more information in order to give any help.

What kind of bedding are they one, what are they eating? What is the temperature in the brooder, pictures?

Please answer the questions in this sticky:
as silkiechicken posted, sometimes it's a genetic thing.
no need for antibiotics unless they show signs of specific bacterial infection, such as respiratory.

some times it's the bedding they are on .
in the beginning they should be on a flat non-skid surface..such as the rubbery material used for kitchen cabinets that comes in rolls.
or deeply ridged paper towels.

many times it's a vitamin deficiency. (usually, but not exclusively, riboflavin..vit12)
could be a mal-absorption problem.

how many chicks are in the brooder?
what temp are you keeping them at?
please describe droppings..color and consistency.
what all are you feeding?
observe chicks eating and drinking habits.

if you are not giving chick vitamins, do get some asap.
or in the meantime, dlhunicorn suggests using Polyvisol children's vitamins..2 drops a day for a week, then taper off..
but do try to get some chick vitamins.
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Jean makes a great point on the vitamin deficiency, especially since this is occurring after they had straight toes. I would check your feed bag and see what date is on it. I know some feed stores hold it a long time and when people don't have chicks it tends to age and lose vitamin potency. I would put some poly-vi-sol infants vitamins in their water to see if that helps.

I thought Sammi was correct with RiboFlavin making toes curl.

We had ours on burlap over wood chips. I reckon an old yoga mat would do the trick too - what we used for our old dog so she could still eat without sliding.

Nupine and Bisbe - any chance you got them from the same place?
Hi, I just posted about the same thing (I think). Do you guys happen to have pics. Mine is a 3.5 week old Porcelain with her outer toes curled inward. ( are yours featherfooted?) Otherwise she gets around fine and eats and drinks good. She came from MMH. I'm going to try Silkies advice on the cardboard shoes tomorrow. Good luck with your babes.

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They've been on pine bedding since they were a week old. And they get the vitamins that came with them from the hatchery. Out of the 16 banties, she's the only one that has this problem
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I know this is a really old post, but I was looking into this because I have an Americauna rooster with the same issues, the guy I got him from said he noticed a few others like that. I happened across something while reading a book on guineas that crooked guinea toes are the result of too much inbreeding. Wondering if the same can cause the crooked toes in chickens?
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