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6 Years
Apr 21, 2016
Lititz, PA
So we originally thought it was coccidiosis but I looked all through coop and no bloody poop. Chic was worsening so fast. I get going through posts to try and find something. But then it was too late. Chic passed.

I continued to look it over closely. Then I noticed a decent sized pocket near chest area. When back to reading again and now thinking it was crop bound.

My question now is do I check the chicks every morning before they go out to free range? Do I put grit or oyster shell outside for them? My oldest is 3 mths then done a little from there.

I do NOT want to go through this again.
Can you open the crop to see what is inside? Chicks tend to get coccidiosis at this age, and blood is not always seen. Sometimes it is just runny and yellowish or with mucus. Chickens with cocci may have a slow to empty crop, but it should not be impacted or hard. There are many threads to read about impacted or sour crop, if you go to the top of this page and do a search and look for some threads or posts by Two Crows and others. I would still treat with Corid unless you are pretty convinced it is an impacted crop.
I appreciate your response. I'm afraid to actually cut it open. I can ask my husband and see if he is willing. The chick feels completely emaciated except for the crop. I can definitely feel that it is full.
I feel so horrible that I didn't notice anything sooner. Maybe I could have saved him.
Ok so here are a few pics. It was slightly larger than a golf ball but oblong. Let me know your thoughts please. If you think it was not crop bound let me know that also. I am new to chickens and learning every step of the way.

Thanks for all the guidance.




You can also try looking at the intestines for swelling, hemorrhages, or blood inside. The crop contents look like mostly food and a little grass, but nothing that looks tangled up to block the crop.
This chick was malnourished I think. Was very boney except for the crop. Any ideas? I worried about the rest of the flock.

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