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    Hello, I have a SS that is having some sort of wierd crop issues. Her crop is very soft and gets very large for her body size. I have looked into Sour crop and one of the symptoms of this issue is very similar: soft gassy or water balloon feeling to the crop. This said, I have tried to massage the crop to see if I can get her to throw up and relieve pressure as well as I have made sure they have access to ample grit and have given the whole flock probiotics, yougurt etc. Her crop is lessened in the morning and gets more swollen as the day goes on...

    Where I am confused is that she still has an appetite, she is active and does not act ill at all. She is social and is still very friendly. I have looked for worms in stools but have not found any, and no other girls have any symptoms. She doesn't have the sour odor from her mouth that is described as sour crop either...

    What the heck is this issue? Is it a normal genetic disorder to just have a "loose crop" or something?? Just curious if any of you have experienced this... This issue has been present ever since they first went outside and really started growing up and eating outside as well... I.e. Grass and other goodies they might find... They have now been outside for about a month. So I thought it could be environmental but since the rest of the flock is good to go and nothing I do seems to change the issue I am lost... I have not medicated her as I don't know what I would medicate for. Help?
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