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    Hi, Chicken peeps -

    2 days ago I noticed my 6 month old chicken "Angel" seemed to have a swollen crop - mostly on the right side. She was as feisty as ever and eating well so I have been watching her. She ate some cantaloupe this afternoon with the rest of the flock and then I separated her because she seemed not right. I held her upside down and tried to massage and squeeze the crop and nothing happened. Her poo seemed watery so I brought her inside. She's in a good mood and ate some yogurt which I thought I was supposed to give her. I've got electrolytes in the water although some folks are suggesting apple cider vinegar.

    The second photo is her poo which is not much but it is solid - blackish green in color.

    She was sick as a chick - had coccis, I think, and didn't grow for awhile- but once she caught up with her flock mates she is a tough little lady.

    Any ideas? We are leaving town tomorrow early...

    I have never posted before and am a little nervous.
    Many thanks,




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    She looks and sounds fine to me... may be a little case of indigestion. Poop looks okay, and she doesn't hold herself like an extremely sick chicken. Don't turn her upside down again, that's a really risky last ditch procedure for extremely impacted crop. I would just keep her to soft foods for a little while. My cure-all is a mixture of feed, yogurt water, raw apple cider vinegar, raw garlic juice, mineral (or olive) oil. Let everything mush together and give her just this for a day or so. Take away food at night and monitor to see if her crop has gone down by morning. If so, I'd put her back with her flock. Good luck!

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    Mar 10, 2013
    My hens always look like that when they are pigging out in the yard. If it is hot out and the crop feels squishy it is probably water, I really would not worry. Let her eat and drink as usual. Check the size of the crop first thing in the morning before she eats. It should empty overnight. If it is still full, that is not normal.

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