Cross Beak? 5 day old chicky - Please Help!


6 Years
Apr 7, 2013
Can some one please help me... I bought 4 baby chicks all together - they are about 5 days old now. 2 SLW & 2 D' Uccle - one of the D' Uccle has been pecking the other one on the nostril from day one - sometimes the other 2 will give a quick peck too - but not
like the D' Uccle give to the other D' Uccle. I
Separated the 2 for a little while - but as soon as they are together it starts up again. the one baby chicks nostrIls are a pinch red and rough - it's breaking my heart - this baby is so sweet :( **SEE PICTURES BELOW**
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Becauce this chick is ONLY being pecked in the beak area - I just carefully examined it's beak and it's not perfectly lined up like the other baby D'Uccle's beak - it's almost undetectable - but not perfectly lined up top &
bottom. Please if someone can give me advise I truly would appreciate it! I'm new to any baby chick problems :(
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