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10 Years
Nov 6, 2009
Springfield, Missouri
I have about 30 turkeys, 10 Narragansetts, 10 BBB and 10 I hatched and raised from my own eggs this spring. Most of them are mixes, I started with a Bourbon Red and a Blue Slate hen, and for Toms I had a Bourbon Red and a Spanish Black. I had a beautiful tom from last year that was a cross between a Spanish Black and Bourbon Red I think. Looked similar to a Royal Palm or Narragansett. Stray dog got it. Guess this is similar to the Color Experiment. I have been thinking about the colors also and what I want to keep and what I’d like to come up with. Not sure if I want to breed more for color or meat.


So I’m trying to decide which birds to keep this year to breed next spring. Thinking about keeping a total of 6 birds, 2 Toms and 4 hens. The Toms will be a Bourbon Red and a Narragansett. The hens will be a Bourbon Red, a Narragansett, a Red Bronze I guess (cross from this year) I’m not sure if it makes any difference what they look like, I’ll just take whatever I get. I’m also thinking about keeping a Broad Breasted Bronze hen as the fourth. This is one I’m hoping will give me eggs that result in larger birds. Similar to the BBB.

Question is, does anyone have experience with crossing a BBB hen with something else? I realize there is a chance I’ll have to use AI on it, and I’m doing some research to see how to go about that. Guess my thought is that as long as she is receptive, one of my heritage Toms should be able to get the job done.

Thanks for any thoughts.


This is my Chocolate Slate


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