Cross breeding question?

The calculator confuses many people. You select the colors you want in the english drop down section and then click To chicken calculator on the right side, then on the next page, click calculate crossing at the bottom of the bottom of the page.

Do you have any specific crosses you would like to know about ?
I have some black australorp hens and no rooster. I was wondering what I would get if I crossed them with a RIR rooster.

Basically black offspring. Some leakage that the calculator will not show is possible, or maybe even likely.

Here is a rooster from a Speckled Sussex rooster over a Black Australorp hen to show what I am talking about with "leakage". Some were this gold color and some were more of a mahogony red, but all four roosters had it.


The pullets from this cross were solid black. No leakage. That does not mean there won't be, just that I did not get any. The two black ones on the right are pulllets for that SS over BA cross. The light is not great but they are solid black.

Yep, leakage is one thing the calculator does not show and you will likely get a good bit of leakage, especially in the roos when breeding gold/red to black.
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