Crowing silkie pullet PLEASE HELP!!!!


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5 Years
Sep 28, 2014
I have had 2 silkies for about 2-3 months, and they are both about 4 months old. We found out one of them was a definate roo, and one WAS a girl....
She was crowing along side our silkie roo this morning.. but she hasn't had ANY rooster behavior at ALL (My roo showed plenty before he started crowing). She dosen't look anything like a rooster, her comb is small and thin like a hen's, she has the posture of a hen, she looks to the roo (or me), to protect her, she has a huge top knot, and no spur stubs or anything..... PLEASE HELP ME!!!!
You might want to post pictures of the one in the What Breed/Gender forum (especially good head shots), but I would be prepared for the smaller one also to be a roo, crowing pretty much means roo in a young bird, silkies are very hard to sex by sight when young... if you have a dominant roo (the first one to act like a roo) he will often suppress rooster behavior in the more submissive roos.

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