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    I am hatching chicks at the moment for table purposes, as we live in an urban area we cant have cocks crowing! Is there a way to prevent this? i know i cant go removing vocal chords [​IMG] i was just wandering if there is a way to chemically / manually castrate them, however i am unsure even if you could if it would still work?

    many thanks.
  2. Blue Man Dan.

    Blue Man Dan. Out Of The Brooder

    Just been reading and i think that it is illegal to caponise cocks over here in the UK, can anyone confirm if this is true?


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    Jun 7, 2010
    Ha Ha - I have the same issue and have 3 growing Rooster chicks that I am trying to hide! I have one with the blue egg gene so he is hiding in the garage!!!!! [​IMG]

    The only true way to stop a cock crowing is with an Axe!!!!!!! As DH says if they go cocka - they wont be going Doooo!!!!!
    - there are very strict cruelty laws in the UK especially for Roosters. If these Birds are for Meat Fatten and slaughter but don;t cause them any harm.
    Chickens are really lovely animals and they don't deserve to be hurt.

    Oesdog - Axe - invest in a good sharp one! [​IMG]

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