Crows & Cooper's Hawk


6 Years
Feb 5, 2013
King County, WA
This is our first year living in California and our first year having chickens. Even before we got chickens we noticed lots of Coopers Hawk (I believe) in the area. I read about how to attract crows to help repel the hawks, but I didn't really put into action any of the things. We were just lucky that a pair of wonderful crows decided to move into our fir tree, about 5 yards away from the chicken coop, because this just happened:

A Cooper's Hawk was flying low over the chicken's area. They were all hiding under the coop. The hawk disappeared and all of the sudden I hear this huge noise and see one of the crows and the hawk locked in midair, spiraling downward. At the last second the crow let go and the hawk hightailed it off in the opposite direction, screaming insults. I am so thankful to those crows!!
We have red-tailed hawks here in abundance. The crows keep them moving. The chickens race for cover when they hear the crows call.

The ravens (no crows in my area) and hawks are always sparring around here. One thing to be mindful of is that ravens will eat chicks if they can! Ravens devastated our ducklings when I was a kid. I don't know about crows, but I'd keep an eye out if you have small chicks running around.
We have red-tailed hawks here. The crows keep them moving, too. If the hawk calls or the crows caw, the hens run for cover.

We have hawks here too (and occasionally owls). I'm new to chickens but we have experience with them circling our yard. When we first put out our guinea pigs (in a covered hutch that has hardware mesh sides), the hawks quickly came looking for a meal. Circling and even landing on the fence. Our dog would wait for them to land- keeping still in the shade and then run out barking and chasing them. After a few times, they stopped coming over our property. We see them nearby (and the ravens chasing them at times too), but they don't even circle over our yard anymore.
I am still nervous for when the chickens get older and won't be having them out in the yard when we're not home - at least until we know how the dog will be with them. He guards the guinea pigs, so we're hoping he'll be the same with the chickens.
Do any of you have a probably with big crows bothering your chickens? We have this big big crow hanging around and it's been flying low by our chickens when they are out free-ranging.

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