Cruella DeVille

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    My six chicks are five weeks old. From the beginning, the silver-laced Wyandotte has harassed the others with vengeance. She's been in her own brooder for a week now and when I returned her to the others, she was worse than ever. She acts like Cruella DeVille. I'm looking for a home where she could be an "only chick". Because she's been alone, she is very tame, follows me around the yard and sings to me. I feel awful because I know she just doesn't belong.

    Is she a roo? Can anyone tell? That might make a difference in what happens to her.

    Sorry, can't figure out how to get my chick picture on.
  2. Judy

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    Feb 5, 2009
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    Could be. The comb looks red in that pic.

    Hopefully they will eventually settle their issues. Living without other chickens isn't the greatest way to live for flock animals.

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