Crushing Egg shells


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Jul 8, 2016
Pennellville NY
Does anybody crush egg shells and feed to there chickens or ducks

I'm new at learning this skill, my sister and mom have been doing it for 2 years and I jjust started helping out on my mom farm with her chickens and ducks.

My sister uses the metal crushing and finely crushes them in a glass bowl and spread a them in grass and the chickens love it
I wait till I have a bowl full of shells, then take them out and toss them into the run. A couple of good stomps with my feet does the trick. Preferably with shoes on. No special treatment of shells needed. Just toss and stomp.
Probably any time. It's not as high as level of calcium as oyster shells. Maybe just put it in a container on the side for now some will need to start building calcium if they are possibly earlier layers. I read 16 weeks is the best time to introduce calcium.

I agree thought I don't take much extra time in she'll prep. I rinse then quickly then leave them in a bowl on the counter till is full or bothering me. Either I smash them a few times with a cup or just dump them in the run and stomp on them. If I take them out right away I usually don't even rinse them. They don't have to be finely ground just so the chickens don't get the idea that is an egg. Honestly my girls seem to prefer larger chips rather then powder.

My chicks are 15 weeks old. When can I start feeding them this?

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