Crusty Chick


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6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
So one of my chicks came out but first at an end of the egg. It took a few days for this to fully happen but it did make it out. the chick however is very dry and crusty and isn't walking quite right. Its chirping and moving around. Will its feathers fluff out, do I need to wash it off or just leave it? Thanks, first hatching
When you say crusty, do you mean dried, matted down feathers? I can't remember exactly what causes it, but it has something to do with the albumin inside the shell. It will eventually fluff out. I recently had a frizzled cochin hatch this way. I lightly 'brushed' it's feathers with a little nail scrubbing brush. After a few days of doing that, it looked normal.
How is it not walking right? Are the toes curled? Is it limping? Do you think it's walking crooked because of the matted feathers? I'll give generic advice on this one because I don't know all the info. Keep an eye on it. Make sure it's drinking and if it's a couple days old, make sure it's eating. Put those little electrolyte packets in their water.
Thank you for the advice. Tonight the chick is moving around great. And yes, it very dry. Not too cute but I'm thinking in time, it'll be ok. Thanks again

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