Crusty Legs-Only in Half of Flock?

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    I have six bbred OEG bantys and a mystery white bantam x hen.

    Three of the banty's (one momma, two chicks) are of "old stock"-ie, came with my house.

    The other three I bought as chicks and raised.

    The white hen was in with two HUGE RIR who were pecking her feet until they bled.

    The three "old stock" bantys have crusty legs. The White hen also has crusty legs, but I'm not sure they aren't scars from her mistreatment.


    The "new stock" has beautiful, clean, soft smooth legs.

    What gives? Why would half the chickens have scaly legs and half not? Could this be a genetic thing, or some weird mite infestation?

    And how do I treat it? I've read everything on this board from olive oil to WD-40 to ivermectin.

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  2. Probably leg mites. SCrub them with soap and an old toothbrush. Then rub them down with something oily like vaseline, vicks, aquafor, etc...You'll need to keep them greased up for a few weeks. That will kill the mites.
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    Sounds like leg mites. I had 2 chickens out of my 50 who had them but I treated my whole flock anyway just incase. I didn't want to wait for them to all to show signs. I just used vaseline. It worked great.
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    Yep! That's Scaley leg mites. You need to dust the chickens down in Sevin dust--you can but this at wal-mart in the lawn and garden section for under $5 and then lather(I mean lather) their legs in vasoline(this kills the mites living under their skin--suffocates them)--that's why their legs are all lumpy. The lumps will fall off in a few weeks...treat them every couple days for at least 2 weeks and they should be good to go. Yes, the vasoline is messy. I Just do an assembly line--it will wear off and you need to apply more. The mites make them miserable, so you'll want to do this ASAP...keep us posted! [​IMG]

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