Crusty wing? help :(

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    May 10, 2011
    My duckling (any where from 3.5-5 weeks) is having some wing problems. I know it's normal for them to have bare patches on their wings, but hers is worse than all the others and I think she picks at it because it was rather crusty this morning and it looked irritated/red. It isn't bleeding, thank god, but I'm extra worried about this duck. I took this duck and one other from a friend of a friend to baby sit, only to find out he had them laying in a bin in an inch of water and soggy material that was bedding at one time. It was so bad that the bottoms of their feet were cracking and bleeding. Their feet are okay now, but I just want to make sure nothing else bad came out of there previous condition. Someone tell me that she'll be okay [​IMG]

    p.s I took both ducks from their previous owner and refused to give them back and they now live with my two ducklings, cheese and quackers!

    i can post pictures if it'll help.
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