Crusty wings, bare areas.

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    Aug 22, 2016
    We took a dive into the duck pond, so to speak. About 4 weeks ago we fell for the irresistible Khaki Campbell chicks at the local TSC. Although we were planning to get them in the spring, we got four from the first ducks of the season. That has resulted in some challenges since Michigan is very cold. Our kids are in a galvanized tub with pine shavings and a 3 gallon water container (the red and white plastic ones) which we placed on two 4 x 4's. The feed is non medicated chick feed. Occasionally I'll drop finely chopped greens into the water. Sadly we lost one little guy/gal and I'm concerned about the others. That's the background. Here is the problem. They seem to have thinning hair/down/feathers, looking like an abrasion. There also seems to be a "crusty" area on parts of the wings. Any suggestions? Ideas? Remedies? We don't want to lose another. There is a lovely pond in our yard waiting for them when they are ready. I know the picture is not great but these guys/gals just won't hold still. And then there is the light.

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    It would help if you could get a pic with out the red light. What I can see is looks like they are losing baby down and starting their feather in but I could be wrong since the pic with the light isn't helping.

    Are they swimming in warm water inside at all? this will get them started on preening and will help their feathers along.

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