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11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Redding CA
I reached up to the self that my eggs where on. A order or Frizzles and of Silkies. I was getting ready to put them in the bactor with the 6 dutch eggs that where given to my DD. I bumped the egg rack with this stupid cast I have on and knocked them to the ground.

Out of all of those eggs I only have 5 left, 2 frizzle and 3 silkies. One of them I waxed to see if I could save it. The rest my DH is scrubing off the carpet right now. I have been trying so hard not to let my hand get me down. Frst I have to give up my crafts now this.

Sorry to dump on you. Do you think any of the uncraked ones will hatch?
I am so sorry...I know I would feel terrible if that happened!


I hope there is a way you can get more....but as for the might just yet have a hatch with them!
Those little buggers can be so tough!

Good luck to you!
I think that the worse accident that I ever had, was when my baby was 2 months old. She woke up in the middle of the night crying. I was so tired. I gave her her bottle. I was walking her around the house trying to get her to go back to sleep. I could hardly keep my eyes open. Then all of a sudden a walked into a door way and cracked her head in the door way. I woke up and so did every one in the house. We couldn't let her go back to sleep cause it was on her temple. We all live and learn. I broke an egg candeling at day 16.
I've had to give up crafts also cuz of problems with my hands. Got one hand fixed....2 trigger fingers in each hand... just waiting for surgery on the other hand. Can't wait till I get back to my crafts!!
Sorry, about your eggs. Know how frustrated you must feel.
ok i had almost the same thing happen to me with the first eggs i tried to hatch (i am on my second now) my husband decided to build a fort around the incubator becasue the light was bothering him at night. he put pillows and a box and a couple of other things to cover the light form being so bright. in the morning when i got up i went to go rotate them and when i went to take one of the walls down off of his "fort" all the walls came crashing down! the incubator went flying and they all the eggs came crashing down onto my floor. i was sooooooo upset! but i decided that i wasnt going to let it get me down so a couple of days later i ordered some new ones and they are doing great. and since it was my husbands frot that destroyed everything he really had no problem letting me order new eggs. you cant let it get you down. things like this happen you juts have to brush it off and tell yourself that it was an accident. i hope this helps you to know that it happens to the best of us.

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