CTR has been losing chickens!


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May 31, 2015
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Hi I e had chickens for about 10 years and I have about 60 hens and five roosters. I also have Silkies and several different breeds.
I’m not sure why I’m having chickens with yellow stuff coming out of their oracles and I had One die with stuff coming out of her mouth and air out of her butt! Than one had a pasty butt and maggots on her butt after she died.
I e dusted them for mites and Vaseline’s their legs also cleaned out their coups with Clorox and put down PDZ diatomaceous earth and mixture of pine and cedar wood chips I think coups


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Jul 23, 2018
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Remove the cedar chips from the coop. The aromatic oils are not good for them. I would also refrain from using DE and if you use PDZ, make sure it's granular.
I would get a necropsy on one of the birds to determine cause of death.
Sorry you are having so much trouble. :hugs

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