Cuckoo Maran

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12 Years
Feb 7, 2007
Northern California
I found some Cuckoo Marans at a feed store and purchased one hen, she is around 2 months old now, does anyone else have any of these, I hear the eggs are a chocolate color and they seem to look like a Barred Rock, anyone care to add a comment in regards to Cuckoo's.
They do lay a dark eggs, depends though on the stock you have as to how dark the egg is.
They do look like barred rock but the barred rocks should have yellow legs and the marans a white leg.
I have a dozen of them and I have not found that I like them very much. The roosters are too aggressive towards the hens and they do a lot of feather plucking and I have had problems with egg eating too. You may not have these problems since you only have one.
My CM roo is ALOT less aggressive than my Welsummer roos. The Wellies grab my girls and will not let go! My CM pullets are the most bossy though.

My birds are 18 weeks old, no eggs for me yet, but SOON!
I have one pullet that is nearing 1 yr. I would say she is nice but not "loving" as far as any of my chickens go. She lays a brown egg that at its darkest wasn't much darker than a regular brown egg from the store. The marans that commonly lay the chocolate brown eggs are the Black Copper Marans.
I have a Cuckoo Maran Roo and he's a darling, he's a wee bit rough with the Hens but he's only a year old so I'm hoping he calms down some. He will stand right at my feet and talk to me, he's gentle as can be with his 10 mutt babies, even calls them to bugs when he finds them.


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